Family Handbook

RULER Blueprints

RULER Blueprint Reflections Sheets

If an incident occurs, the student may be asked to fill out one of the RULER based Blueprint pages. There are forms A and B, based on the student’s level.

Blueprint Reflection Sheet A

How do you feel? Angry, sad, scared ?

Or mark on the Mood Meter

mood meter red, yellow, blue and green boxes

Write or draw what happened to make you feel this way?

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Are you being a star?
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Circle the part(s) of STAR you did NOT follow:

Write or draw how can you fix this.

Blueprint Reflection Sheet B

  1. How are you feeling right now? (Recognizing and labeling emotions)
  2. How did you respond? (Expressing emotion)
  3. What choices could you have made differently? (Regulating Emotion/Meta Moment)
  4. How will you repair the situation, and when will you do it? (Reflecting/Acting)
  5. Mark on the Mood Meter and/or describe with words.
  6. I was in the ______ quadrant. Now I am in the ______ quadrant.
  7. What strategies can you use to return to class ready to learn?

mood meter

Mood Meter