Loyal Heights Elementary


Homework Policy

Homework Policy:

It is the belief and philosophy of the Loyal Heights staff that learning occurs in a variety of ways including outside of the school day. Below is a list of our school wide beliefs about homework followed by grade specific descriptions.

Loyal Heights Elementary Homework Policy Beliefs:

Homework is intended to review items covered during class and not to teach new concepts.

Independent reading time is intended to strengthen family relationships while nurturing a love of reading and learning within the student. Reading can be fiction or non-fiction just-right level books. Consider full-length books, magazines, newspapers, learning websites, and topics of student interest.

Homework may be tailored to the individual student?s academic needs.

A homework plan may be adapted to meet the student?s individual needs based on school and family partnership.

Homework is defined as occurring outside of the school day. Note: During the remote environment, homework is defined as outside of the asynchronous instruction.

Homework should be accessible to all students and may be modified to meet the student?s learning needs as informed by the IEP, 504, ELL, or as discussed by the MTSS team.

Loyal Heights Elementary Homework by Grade Level:


Reading: Families are encouraged to read together for 10-15 minutes daily.

Projects: Family projects are assigned that may require time outside of school to complete.

Belief: Homework should be play based and fun to encourage lifelong learners.

1st Grade:

Reading: Reading for 15-20 minutes of daily (independent, partner reading, or being read to). Students are highly encouraged to practice their small group reading texts.

2nd Grade:

Reading: Reading for a minimum of 20 minutes daily.

Math: Practice math facts 5-10 minutes daily using fact fluency worksheets or flash cards.

3rd Grade:

Reading: Reading for a minimum of 20 minutes daily.

Completing in-class work or extensions/projects from classwork as assigned by the teacher and/or as child is inspired to pursue.

4th Grade:

Reading: Minimum of 30 minutes (independently).

Math: Daily assignments assigned by math teacher.

Project: Complete projects as assigned.

5th Grade:

Reading: Independent or assigned reading for at least 20 minutes daily.

Math: 20-30 minutes of math assigned daily

Project: Periodic project work.