Loyal Heights Elementary


Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music

Loyal Heights is proud to offer one full day of instrumental music instruction. Most schools only offer a half-day each week but due to the generosity of the community and the LHPTA, a full day per week is funded. This opportunity is open to 4th and 5th graders. There a choices of instruments in the string, brass, and woodwind families. Instruction takes place during the school day. The time slots of instruments are varied each week so students do not miss the same school scheduled instruction over the weeks.

Instrumental Music Teacher Jeong Chi

I’m delighted to go on this
J-ourney of learning with
E-veryone who comes to my classroom. We will
O-vercome challenges and
N-ever give up until this world
G-ets better because of you and me!

Education: MEd San Jose State University / BA Hankuk University of Foreign Studies