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    Superintendent Visits Loyal Heights
    Posted on 05/16/2019
    superintendent Juneau and Student Council in libraryStudents and staff had an opportunity to meet Superintendent Denise Juneau during her visit to Loyal Heights Elementary on Thursday, May 16th. She met with Student Council representatives who talked about their service learning project, reducing food waste, and they asked her questions such as: “Do you ever have fun or is it all business?” or “ What is your favorite thing to do as Superintendent?” . Dr. Juneau also visited Kindergartners exploring Science, Math, and Art in various classrooms. Thank you to Pastor Dani Forbess for being our parent representative on our tour around the school with the Superintendent. Special Thanks to Office staff, Kindergarten students, Andrea C., Vanina F., Colette B., and Crystal C-A for opening their rooms for the visit and Student Council Teacher Leads-Andrew & Brittney. Huge Kudos go out to 4th/5th grade students Henry, Bea, Bella, Ana and Zoe for their excellent questions, leadership, and contagious humor.

    Group picture at top of article is with Student Council representatives (4th & 5th grades), Superintendent Juneau, & Principal GG in the Library; Kindergartners using cubes or mental Math to solve addition and subtraction problems
    Superindentent with K

    4th & 5th grade students describing their favorite book to Dr. Juneau
    2.	4th & 5th grade students describing their favorite book to Dr. Juneau

    Kindergartners shouting out different names for isopods (Science) and later examining pill bugs in cups with a magnifying glass. They are seeing if they can count how many legs a pill bug has.
    Superintendent with kinders in science

    Dr. Juneau visited an Art class where Kindergarten students paint dots to make pictures – inspired by artist Yayoi Kusama
    Kinder art project

    Finally, Student Council explains their service learning project of reducing food waste and making a connection between food waste and its impact on wildlife. This is a partnership with the World Wildlife Fund. Students also asked Dr. Juneau questions such as: “What is your goal for student experiences?”

    Superintendent with student council in the library