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    Welcome to the Volunteer Page!

    Seattle Public Schools encourages parents, family members, organizations, businesses, and other community members to volunteer with us!

    Loyal Heights owes it's success in large part to the involvement of parents and community members, who volunteer their time throughout the school year. Some volunteer programs include Room Parent, Art Docents, Popcorn Fridays, field trip helpers and more.


    2020 - 21 Volunteering During Remote Learning

    Welcome to another exciting year of volunteering at Loyal Heights School! In the spirit of the times, our volunteer opportunities will be going remote.

    Risk management at Seattle Public Schools has come up with some new definitions about what it means to be a Remote Volunteer. There are now 2 categories of volunteers. 

    Category A Volunteers:

    These volunteers will have virtual classroom exposure, work directly with students with district personnel (teachers) in the same virtual space and within view (supervised).

    For this type of volunteer, think about them as being like a “Room Parent”. This is a volunteer who will never be “alone” with students. They wouldn’t be leading a breakout room or helping students in a 1:1 situation. These volunteers will have to complete an online Volunteer Application.

    Link to Application: SPS Volunteer Page

    Loyal Heights Elementary is fortunate to already have many volunteers who had completed their applications last school year and are ready to go! Please check with Mr. Steve in the office ( to see if your application is already on file and approved .

    Category B Volunteers:

    These volunteers will have direct unsupervised contact with students—no SPS personnel or additional approved adult volunteers will be present. These volunteers will need to have additional screening as part of the Volunteer Application (a $21.00 National Background Check*) and comply with extra contact safety protocols. These volunteers will be selected by teachers, their Volunteer Applications will be approved by Risk Management, and then they will work closely with Mr. Steve to help with required student interaction reporting.

    This type of volunteer could be leading a breakout room or helping students in a virtual 1:1 environment.  This type of volunteer will also have to complete Sessions Reports for sessions they lead. Category B Volunteers who will be working 1:1 with students must have written permission from the parent/guardian of that student. This volunteer will fill out a Sessions Report for every student they meet with, every time.

    Please contact Mr. Steve, office assistant, with any volunteer questions. You can contact him at