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    If you have not been in to see our beautiful new Library, you need to get over here to see it! We have 12,413 perfect books waiting to be chosen by your Beaver Reader!

    LH library wide angle     LH library stage view

    What’s New!

    Everyone gets Library on a weekly basis this year! 
    The Library position is full-time this year. Students will come to the Library for a 35 minute lesson and check-out every week. 

    Library Lunch Recess is back for 3-5th graders every day but Wednesday!  
    Students  can ask their teachers for a Library Lunch Recess pass. Each teacher can send five students on those days. Students come in to the Library after they’ve been dismissed from the lunchroom. During this time they can work on the puzzle, play chess, make bookmarks, create with Snap Circuits, try out the Perplexus balls, and of course read and check out books.  It has been super fun for me to watch them enjoy the space and each other’s company in a quiet, calm environment.

    LH library check out desk     LH Library south wall

    Student Logins

    Student Logins have changed this year.  SPS is not longer using the "loy_" prefix.  Instead all students at all schools will be changing to the standard:  #1, first name first initial, middle name first initial, and last name.  If the student currently has a number preceded by 00 at the end of their name, the zeros have been dropped. 
    For example, Clay L Stuart used to login as: 
    Under the new naming system his login is:
    Password conventions have remained the same generally, however, 5th graders will be required to reset their password the first time they login.  Currently the password conventions are as follows:
    K-2 uses first four of birthdate (mm/dd) so a student whose birthday is October 22 his/her password is: 1022
    3-5 uses the full eight digit birthdate (mm/dd/yyyy)
    All classroom teachers can help a student change their password from their teacher computer.

    Library Catalog

    Did you know you and your student can access the Loyal Heights Elementary Library Catalog from home? I’ve been teaching the 2-5th graders how to login (classroom teachers have their correct username/password combos) to Destiny so that they can look at their accounts, see what is due, renew their books, and put books on hold! Ask them to show you how! Additionally, even if you don’t login, students can still see what books are available in our Library.

    SPS Online Resources

    Seattle Public Schools has made so many awesome resources available to its students at school or from home. The entire Microsoft Office 365 suite is available for student use. This includes Word, Excel, Power Point, and One Drive for saving/storing files. Fourth and fifth graders have all logged in with their unique student login / password.  Your classroom teacher can give you your child’s username/password combo.

    I highly recommend Sweet Search for kids to use instead of Google at home. It eliminates the flashing ads and does its best keeping your kids safe on the internet.  

    You will be prompted for an username/password for some resources when not on a district computer. This is not your student’s unique login, but a generic login for all SPS students. The username is: “studentsps”. The password is: “access”   Visit the SPS Website Online Student Resources.
    Contact Info
    Phone: (206) 252-5920
    Main Office: (206) 252-6000

    Volunteer Opportunities
    Volunteers are always welcome in the Library. The following jobs currently need to be filled.
    Genre Labeling Project: 
     I have see-though colored labels that need to go over the Fiction book spine labels to indicate the genre of the book.  This is a huge project that would be great for someone who is detail-oriented, loves books, and is neat.  It can be on your own time whenever you are available.
    Shelving Returned Books:  
    Books are returned every day.  This person would shelve books according to Dewey Decimal Number.  This is great for a detail-oriented person who doesn't mind being on their knees or bending over a bit.  
    Check-out assistant for 1st grade (M-F from 11:10-11:25):
    First graders now have library as PCP, so their teacher does not come with them.  As a result, I have to run check-out by myself.  This gets complicated when I am trying to check out books and help kids find books they want to read.  I would like to have a parent volunteer to run the circulation computer.  It's a simple process that requires just a little training.  
    Please let me know if you are interested in helping out in any of these roles.