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    Walk to Math at Loyal Heights

    For the past several years, Loyal Heights has adapted the Walk to Math approach for second to fifth graders. Although each year our system fluctuates slightly, the goal is still the same – to meet the needs of every child so every child may feel challenged and successful. This approach also helps to help reduce the range of student abilities within each class.

    The range of abilities has been reduced by assigning students to a class based on several points of data from your child’s current and past teachers. This process is data driven (i.e. Smarter Balanced test scores, benchmark tests, MAP scores, etc.) to ensure your child is in the best spot. These decisions are not made lightly and it is a team based decision (grade level teams and math team). Although what comes home may look different from class to class, all teachers use curriculum aligned with the Common Core State Standards. All grade levels (and the math team) meet to look at data periodically throughout the year to be sure all students’ needs are being met. If movement does need to happen, this will be determined by the grade level team and the math team.

    Walk to Math will be the same time each day for each grade level. Each teacher will have their own plan for small group days, problem solving days and homework.

    While our Kindergarteners and first graders do not physically "walk to math", they follow the same model as our second through fifth graders: three days of instruction, one day of small group instruction; followed by problem-solving Friday.