Loyal Heights Elementary



Videos for the Loyal Heights population and community

Due to the current safety conditions, the school cannot hold in-person all-school assemblies. Instead, we are creating Virtual Monthly Assemblies to share with all students.

These video links have been set to “kid-friendly” and there are no ads before or during the video. Please be aware that after the video, a screen with YouTube suggested videos will appear.

These school videos are created to be shown to all our students, K – 5th grade. Keeping that in mind, some topics maybe a little under or over grade level. We do our best to share educational and meaningful content. Families can use these videos as a starting point to continue conversations at home.

These videos are only available through the links provided below and not searchable or available via public search on YouTube. All students shown in videos have been cleared through the FERPA process.

2021-22 Virtual Assemblies

2022 May Art in the School

2020-21 Virtual Assemblies