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    How do I return my library books?

    Once school starts I will have a bin outside the Library Street Entrance on 80th & 26.  Just drop your books in the bin.  


    I got an email notice saying I have a fine,  or an overdue book!

    • Overdue BooksFines are never assigned for late or overdue books.  Just turn them in and the fine is deleted.   

    • (Amounts in Parentheses):  If your notice shows an amount in parentheses this is a refund.  You likely paid for a "LOST" book that was eventually returned.  In the past, we collected fines at the school but we are no longer allowed to do this.  As a result, there is no easy way to offer refunds from the school.  Please consider donating your refund back to the school.  Going forward all fines are paid in SchoolPay so that if this situation occurs, the refund would go to the SchoolPay account.  I like to keep the refund on your account until your student graduates -- just in case they lose another book.  If you would like to donate the amount, let me know and I will remove it from your account.

    • Lost Books:  See below.

    picture of street entrance for LHE Library


    Paying Fines 

    There are three options for paying fines for LOST books:


    Fines for Lost books should be paid through SchoolPay on The Source.  You can login to your account at The Source.  You'll find fines on the School Payments screen.  You can also use the search feature to find library fees.  Type "Library" into the search bar. You can pay using a credit card.


    If you would rather replace the book with a new, HARDBACK copy, you are welcome to do so.  This option is often less expensive.  The student just needs to bring in the replacement and let me know he/she is replacing a lost book so that I can catalog the replacement properly and remove the LOST fine on his/her record.  


    If you are unable to pay the fine, please let me know and we can make other arrangements to clear the fine. 


    Whichever option you choose, please update me so that I don’t bother you with notices and emails.  You can reach me at