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    Library Book Pick-Up

    HOLD books marked IN by 2:30 on Tuesdays...


    Wednesdays  Curbside @ 80th/26th  1:00-1:40

     Fridays  Main Office Vestibule  8:30-4:00

    The Main Office Vestibule pick-up is unattended.  Please make sure you know that you have books ready by looking at your profile account on Destiny Discover if you plan to pick-up on Fridays.  

    How does it work?

    Students put up to 2 books on HOLD in Destiny Discover by 2:30PM on Tuesdays.  TIP!  If you put a book marked "IN" on HOLD  - it will most likely be ready for you at the next pick-up date.  Books marked "OUT" can take a while as they are checked out to another patron, and they need to quarantine for one week once they are returned.  

    Book Cover marked IN  Book Cover marked OUT

    Use the QRD link below to learn how to use Destiny Discover to HOLD a book or watch the tutorial video.

          qrd image destiny    snippet of tutorial video

    When your books are in and ready for you, you will get an email notice.  You can come pick them up at one of the Library Book Pick Up times noted above.

    Wednesdays, come to the LHE Library Street Entrance on 80th and 26th between 1:00-1:40

    drawing of street entrance to library

    Wear a mask!  Tell us your first and last name and we'll bring out your ready HOLDS.

    Fridays the carts will be in Main Office Vestibule 8:30-4.  This pick-up is Self-Serve.  Please don't disturb the office staff. 

    You can check on Destiny Discover that you have books checked-out that are new to you before coming to pick-up. There is a Destiny Tutorial explaining how to use these features if you're not sure how.   Please touch only your books without touching others. You should return overdue books to the black and yellow bin before taking your new books.


    Do all LHE students get to do Curbside Pick-Up?  Yes!  All students K-5 are putting books on hold.   Here's a Kindergarten specific TUTORIAL.  

    How many books can I put on HOLD?   Students can put up to 2 books on HOLD.*

    How many books can I check out?  Students can check out 2 books at a time.* 

    *These two details may change to best serve the students as I evaluate how the process is working.

    Can both of my books be graphic novels or from the same series?  YES!  Depending on availability I may limit students to ONE from a series per check-out.  To be clear, that means you can get one Amulet and one Dogman, but  you can't get two Amulets or two Dogmans!  

    I forgot to put books on HOLD.  Can I just do it when I get there?  Unfortunately, no books will be checked out on the spot.  Only books that are IN and placed on HOLD by Tuesday at 2:30 will be ready for pick up on Wednesday and Friday.    

    How do I know if my books are ready for Library Book Pick-Up ? You will receive an email telling you your books are ready.  If a book is marked IN when you HOLD it by 2:30 on Tuesday, it should be ready.  Books marked as OUT when they are placed on HOLD will likely not to be ready. It will depend on whether or not they are returned by the previous patron.  You can also check your profile on Destiny Discover to see what books are checked out to you. 

    When are my books due?  Books are due one week later. A yellow and black bin is outside the Library doors M-TH 8:30-2 (Wednesdays until 1:40PM).  Just drop your books in the bin. Fridays there will be a return bin in the Main Office Vestibule. Please return books promptly so that others may read them.

    How can I tell what books I have out or overdue?  When logged-in click on your profile picture/name and go to My Stuff.  There you can view Checkouts, Holds, Fines, etc.  You can also renew books here.  If the system does not let you renew a book it is because another patron has it on hold or you have already renewed it once. Please email me if you would like to renew and the system won't let you.    

    I turned in my books but Destiny says they are still out!  Because of the quarantine, I do not check books in until after they have stood in quarantine for one full week.  This means that Destiny could show that a student has 2 books on HOLD, and 4 books checked out even though they technically only have have no books at home!  That's because 2 books may be in quarantine and 2 books may be on the cart, checked out and ready for pick-up, and the student could have already placed two more holds for next week.  Destiny Discover wasn't made to operate this way so while it isn't perfect, it is the system we have and I am making the best of it.  If you get an overdue notice, please read the entire email.  

    I still have books out from last year!  What do I do with those?  Can I still hold new books?  You can still HOLD new books, however you will not be able to pick them up unless you bring last year's books with you or return them beforehand.  

    What Covid precautions are being taken?   

    "In lieu of the recent publication of the REALM project about the COVID virus on library items, there is a small change in the current recommended quarantine time for our library materials. The study indicates that materials that were stacked horizontally still had COVID particles after six days.  At this time, it is the recommendation for library materials that cannot be quarantined in an upright position (unstacked) be removed from use for two weeks. If items can rest unstacked, they may be quarantined for a solid week. This may affect the number of times librarians may offer curbside services unless there is a conscious effort to use a separate set of books. 


    Disinfecting individual books is time consuming, costly, damaging to books, and not always thorough, so is not recommended at this time. Use of gloves when handling materials and frequent hand-washing are recommended. When planning curbside checkout services, librarians must make safe choices for their students and families that include proper distancing, use of PPE and quarantine time."  Darcy Brixey, SPS Manager of Library Services and Instructional Materials


    Please know that I am being very thorough with this process for my own safety and they safety of your children.  I quarantine everything that is returned for one week, in an upright, standing position.  Once materials have been in quarantine for one full week, I wipe them with a disinfectant wipe (if they have a plastic wrapper or coating) and then I check them back-in to the system for recirculation.