Remote Library Book Check-Out

How does it work?

Book Cover marked IN
Book Cover marked OUT

Students put up to 2 books on HOLD in Destiny Discover.  TIP!  If you put a book marked “IN” on HOLD  – it will most likely be ready for you at the next pick-up date.  Books marked “OUT” can take a while as they are checked out to other patrons.

Watch the tutorial below to learn how to use Destiny Discover to HOLD a book.

snippet of tutorial video

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You will get an email notice when your books are ready for pick up.  You can come pick them up at the Main Office Vestibule.


Do all LHE students get to check-out books?  All 1st – 5th graders can put books on HOLD.  Kindergarteners will be able to HOLD books once they complete the Library Book Care lessons. This usually means they can start checking out books to leave at their desks by November. Kindergarteners usually start taking home library books in January.

How many books can I put on HOLD?    Students can put up to 2 books on HOLD.*

How many books can I check out?  Students can check out 2 books at a time.* 

*These two details may change to best serve the students as I evaluate how the process is working.

Can both of my books be graphic novels or from the same series?   Since we are returning to ALL students using the library system I will start to LIMIT to ONE GRAPHIC NOVEL per check-out and only ONE book from a series per check-out. If you hold two Graphic Novels or two books from a series, I will have to delete one of the HOLDS and I’ll choose a second book for you that is not a graphic or from that series.      

My book was marked OUT.  How do I know when my book is IN and ready for me? You will receive an email at your school email telling you your books are ready.  Books marked as OUT when they are placed on HOLD are with another patron.  Depending on when they are returned by the previous patron, it could be days or even weeks/months.  You can also check your profile on Destiny Discover to see what books are checked out to you. 

When are my books due?   Books are due one week later.  You can easily renew your book in Destiny.

How can I tell what books I have out or on HOLD? In Destiny, login and choose My Stuff> Checkouts.