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    Congratulations READING RAPTORS!  

      The Reading Raptors won in a tie-breaking sudden death match against the Read Orcas and The Virtual Beaver Readers!  They will advance to the NW Regional Semi-Finals on 4/7!

    Teams photo of Raptors Reading Team

    All of the teams did a great job at the competition!  Teams, scores, and members are listed below.  * denotes Team Captain.

    Team #1 Global Reading Gladiators earned 85 points:  Emerson*, Adele, Anya, Kyra, Maura, Sid

    Team #2 Reading Warriors earned 95 points: Robin*, Anna, Arlo, Claire, Elliott G, Macy, Will

    Team #3 Reading Rockets earned 90 points: Ellie*, Alex, Grayson, Iris, Keira, Louisa

    Team #5 Read Orcas earned 100 points: Emily*, Elliott O, Eula, Joaquin, Jacob, Lucas, Vivian

    Team #6 Virtual Beaver Readers earned 100 points: Ginger*, Ben, Lydia, Max, Mila, Sarah

    Team #7 Bookworms of Destiny earned 95 points: Harper*, Ava, David, Frankie, Hope, Luke, Sadie

    Watch the video to learn about the books and how this year's challenge will work!

    PARTICIPANTS!! Update this FORM regularly so I can track what you are reading!

    The Global Reading Challenge 2021

    The GRC is a citywide program that is a collaborative effort between The Seattle Public Library and Seattle Public Schools.   

    Every year, 4th and 5th graders from Seattle Public Schools participate in this fun team reading challenge presented by The Seattle Public Library and sponsored by Ballard Rotary. In a typical year, students get put on mixed grade level and gender teams, read all 10 books, and then participate in a trivia-style competition against other LH teams.  This year’s program will look a lot different. It is being developed as we go along but at its core this program:

    • Promotes a love of reading
    • Introduces kids to diverse viewpoints
    • Helps kids retain more of what they read
    • Fosters group activities and teamwork

    Here is a video of a mock GRC so you can hear the rules and see what it's usually like. 

    How will it work?

    Between November 1st and March 2nd, students will work independently or with buddies of their choosing to read as many of the 7 books as possible. Students have complete directions and all forms in their Schoology Library Course. 


    The following books will be available digitally on SPL via Library Link, but they do not have unlimited copies of all the books.  Access Library Link information. All SPS students have an account. If you want digital copies, I recommend putting holds on them now so that you have them when you want them.

    Start reading right now!  Seattle Public Library has eBooks, and audiobooks! 

    Limited physical copies (15) of the books will be available through Destiny Holds and Curbside Pick-Up.  I'll limit participants to 2 GRC books at a time.  Please return them as soon as you finish them so that I can quarantine them and make them available for the next student.  

    GRC Books will only be available to GRC participants.  In March, books will be available to all LHE students.  


    January Tuesday and Thursday 8:30-8:55 Optional Group Practice

    At these meetings we'll learn how the competition works, make up questions, and practice answering trivia questions.  Students should bring a white board and marker to participate.  These meetings are optional.  They will help me determine who will be assigned to teams.  At the end of the month I will assign students to heterogeneous teams comprised of 4th/5th/M/F/from all different 4/5 teacher's classrooms - 6-7 students to a team.  The main determining factor will be which books they read.  The goal is for each team to have at least one student who has become an expert on one of the 7 books. 

    February  -March 2nd Tuesdays 8:30-8:55 (Required)

     Teams will meet in breakout rooms facilitated by LHE staff including: Mr. Berkenwald, Ms. Sanchez, Ms. Payton, Ms. Saltsman, Mr. Steve,  and Ms. Katzen.  These groups will strategize, discuss the books, and create and submit  trivia questions I'll use on Thursdays.

    February Thursdays 8:30-8:55 (optional)

    We'll use these days for whole group trivia competition practice.

    March 3rd 9:30 -11:45  Global Reading Challenge Competition! REQUIRED

    SPL will help us host a virtual trivia-style competition. We will all meet in one large Teams meeting.  Each team will use their private team chat to communicate.  Their Team Captain will use a separate Judge's chat to relay the team's answer to the judges.  SPL Moderator and Judge will run the trivia rounds for each team, total points, and announce a winner. 

    The winning team will continue to meet with me at an agreed up on time in order to compete in a smaller scale Finals against other SPS schools.  SPS Librarians are working out the details now.   

    Live Teams AUTHOR VISITS

    All visits will be recorded for later viewing as allowed by the authors' contracts. Links to the live meetings are in your student's Schoology>Library > Global Reading Challenge folder.

    11/4 Joseph Bruchac Live Event: Recording

    11/18 10:15 GRC Teams Live Event with Victoria Jamieson: Recording

    12/2 1:00 GRC Teams Live Event with Siman Nuurali:  Recording

    12/16 1:00 GRC Teams Live Event with Lesa Cline Ransome (This is event will NOT be recorded.)

    1/13 1:00 GRC Teams Live Event with Jerry Craft:  Recording

    1/27 1:00 GRC Teams Live Event with Angela Cervantes: Recording


    You can find more information about the program on the SPL Global Reading Challenge site.