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    Updated District Tech Resource Centers
    Posted on 11/05/2020
    graphic of a laptop

    Updated Information on District Tech Resource Centers.

    The location serving Loyal Heights area is John Marshall. If you need a school staff person help for pick up or drop offs at John Marshall, please contact Kathy Katzen at

    John Marshall Alternative High 520 NE Ravenna Blvd, Seattle, WA 98115
    Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Closed for Lunch 11 - 11:30

    Things To Note:

     Schools can have a representative go to a Technology Resource Center to pick up devices/hotspots or swap out devices for families who are not able to make it to tech centers themselves.
     Laptop/device issues can be addressed by either having the student/family swap a device out at the school, or at a Technology Resource Center, OR the school has picked up a swap from the Technology Resource Center for the student.

    Hot Spots:

     Families in need of hot spots can go to a Technology Resource Center and pick one up. There should be no more than two SPS students using a hot spot. If there are more than two SPS students in a household more than one hot spot may be needed.
     If a family has a hotspot that is malfunctioning, they can also go to a Technology Resource Center to swap them out. Some regions have been able to solve some connectivity challenges by swapping for a hotspot that is from an alternate carrier.
     We are in the process of transitioning the hotspot checkout system to Destiny so that schools can identify which students within their building have already checked out a hotspot.

    Connectivity Issues:

     Sometimes students may need an additional hotspot or a different kind (provider) to improve connectivity, however we are not providing “high speed internet”, this is not within our ability.
     Sometimes we aren’t able to improve the connection.