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    Music Resources from Ms. Chutich
    Posted on 05/09/2020
    swirling music notes

    Something for Parents

     How can I promote music learning at home?

    Just because we can’t get together for music classes doesn’t mean we can’t be musical. The best way to promote music at home is, first of all, to sing. Sing along with the radio, sing songs you know, and learn new ones.

    Also, listen a bit more carefully to what you hear. Can you name the instruments? Can you find the beat? And when you’re ready for more activities, try some of the sites below. Over the next few weeks more resources will appear. Enjoy the music!


    Would your child like to take online piano lessons?
     Here’s a good guide: 


    Something for Everyone

    Hear Music

    The Seattle Symphony offers many resources along with live streaming concerts to watch with the whole family:


    Tiny Desk Concerts on NPR



    Make Music

    Chrome Music Lab Song Maker is a fun music website that lets you compose music and explore the science of sound.



    This site offers many musical games for younger students:


    Here’s a virtual piano you can play with your computer keyboard, mouse or touch screen:


    Tone Matrix lets you generate melodies in a fun and different way.


    Incredibox is a goofy site where you can create tunes with beatboxing characters. Lots of fun!



    Explore Music

    Viewed through the lens of science, Exploratorium encourages experimentation with sounds. My favorite is the mixer dot game!


    The New York Philharmonic has lots of stuff for kids:


    So does the San Francisco Symphony:


    The Remarkable Farkle McBride story expanded to full orchestra (learn about all the orchestra families):


    Learn all about music theory at this very thorough site.