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    Dear Loyal Heights Community,

    I hope all is well with each one of you and your loved ones during these trying times. I will be sending out weekly updates through SchoolMessenger that will also be posted here. The previous weeks letters are posted. 
    Family Letters from Mr. Berkenwald
    Posted on 04/26/2021
    Mr Berkenwald

    April 26, 2021

    Dear Community,

    I hope you enjoyed your weekend and were able to get outside during our more typical Seattle Spring weather.  I have a few updates/reminders for this week. 

    Attestation:  The attestation process has been going very well, so thank you all for completing this daily form.  The front office would like to request that you attest by 7:15AM.  This gives them a few more minutes to organize the lists for our staff greeters. It has also been very helpful when family members have the approval screen pulled up on their smartphones in case of any confusion.

    Arrival/Dismissal Safety: Thank you for helping to make this process as smooth as possible for the safety of all.  As a reminder, please make sure to bring masks as we will not let community members into the playground at pick up unless they have proper face coverings.  We will have a few extras in case you leave your mask behind.  Pets are not allowed on the playground unless the pet is working as a service animal.

    Reserved Parking Spot:  There is one reserved parking spot we have designated on 25th Ave.  Please do not park in this spot.

    Joining Remote Sections If Quarantining:  Students will not be placed into remote classes if they are quarantining for any reason.  The remote sections are classes and it would be disruptive to students and families in these classes if there was a steady stream of new classmates.  That being said, if you need to permanently switch your designation from remote to in-person or vice versa, you may go onto the district website and follow the appeals process.  While this is the process created by the district, if you find yourself in a situation like this, please reach out to your classroom teacher and the front office to discuss ways to best support your child in their absence.  

    School Day is 8:00-2:30: I want to remind community members that the school day occurs from 8:00-2:30.  Whether you are in cohort A from 8:00-10:45 or cohort B from 11:45-2:30, there are activities and lessons that occur throughout the day.  Activities include asynchronous lessons, synchronous specialists lessons, as well as individualized student supports synchronous lessons including SPED, ELL, academic intervention, LAP services, and tutoring.  Plan accordingly as staff is preparing engaging and individualized lessons for your child.  Please schedule non-school activities outside of the school hours of 8:00-2:30. 

    Remote Recess:  A special thanks for those of you that showed up for the remote recess last week.  We will run this again this week.  Please use the following link:





    Wednesdays, 11:45-12:15

    K-1 Wednesday Remote Recess


    Wednesdays, 11:45-12:15

    2-3 Wednesday Remote Recess


    Wednesdays, 11:45-12:15

    4-5 Wednesday Remote Recess

    Thank you for your time and attention to this email.  Please reach out to the school if you have any questions or needs.


    Principal Michael Berkenwald

    Loyal Heights Elementary