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    Student Placement
    Posted on 05/09/2020
    student reading booksMay 7, 2020

    Dear Parents/Guardians:

    The Loyal Heights staff will soon begin the process of creating classroom groups for 2020-21. This process will prove especially difficult this year given our current remote environment, given the unknown enrollment trends in Seattle, and given all that is unknown in terms of what fall 2020 will look like per state and district plans. That being said, we want to cover two items in this letter home, your status for 2020-21 if you will be leaving Loyal Heights, and our class placement process.

    To be effective in the class placement process, we need as accurate enrollment information as possible. Please assist us by emailing by Friday, May 22nd, 2020 if you know that your child(ren), in grades K-4, will not be returning to Loyal Heights next year. Please include student(s) name, current teacher, and new city or school you will be moving to. We are always sorry to lose any of our students. We hope that Loyal Heights has been a rewarding experience for your child(ren) and your family.

    We want to inform you about our class placement process. Each year, we gather information about each student for the purpose of creating balanced classrooms that allow teachers to maximize instruction and provide a rich experience for every child. There is a lot of time and energy put into this process and we want to share some basic information with you.

    Process Each Spring:

    Admin requests updates from families that might be leaving Loyal Heights.
    Special Education and English Language Learners departments make placements for students based on need and program structure.
    Grade levels meet to create initial classrooms based on priorities below and share with admin.
    Specialists provide input to teachers for balancing at each grade level.
    Admin update class placements as changes to enrollment occur prior to school, seeking input where possible from involved staff.
    Class placements are given to families in the last week of August.
    Balanced Classroom Priorities Followed In This Order Wherever Possible:

    Demographic Considerations:
    Racial Equity: Our goal is to deliver instruction that is engaging, culturally responsive, and accessible to all learners, with a focus on students of color who are furthest from educational justice, beginning with African American males.
    Special Education needs
    English Language Learning needs
    Social Emotional Learning needs
    Academic Balance: The goal is to create heterogeneously mixed classrooms
    Extenuating Circumstances:
    Twins: Staff will gather input from families. LHE makes final decision.
    Family legacy: Staff may gather input from families. LHE makes final decision.
    Other: As situations arise, admin will work with staff and families. LHE makes final decision.
    Thank you for considering the contents of this message. As always, please contact me or any staff member if you have any questions or needs.


    Principal Michael Berkenwald